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Sebastian RemmlerIntroduction of the restaurant in a journalist’s point of view:

“The owner of the “Eagle Restaurant”, Sebastian Remmler spoils all his guests (whether they come from near Halblech or further) with crumbly sirloin and other specialities. The regular customers praise the Adler Restaurant for its Argentinean Roast Beef. Remmler and his crew are famous for its good plain cooking, vegetarian meals and specialities, and for its crumbly “Ox Roast” with mashed potatoes. The guaranteed homemade pastry is also worth a visit in this country restaurant. The “Eagle” in Halblech along the Mülbach Road cannot be missed. In the 130-seat restaurant there is also a separated room for 30 people, which is excellent for celebrating family occasions, and on the new, altogether 110-seat terrace and beer garden everyone can have a great time. The owner’s love for children shows the imaginatively planned playground, situated next to the terrace. In this way parents can always keep an eye on their playing children. Since November 2009 the cook from Trauchgau, Sebastian Remmler has been offering a menu of delicious meals to his guests. “Our host is full of great ideas”, say the guests sitting at the regular table. Every day from 11:30 visitors can make sure that the Adler Restaurant really spoils everyone.”

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